Create a box with icon or image.


[dexp_box title="Title" subtitle="Sub Title" icon="" image="Path" border="circle|square" align="left|center|right" background="yes|no" class="Additional class"]Box content[/dexp_box]


<div class="dexp-box  box-circle box-center box-background">
  <div class="dexp-box-icon">
    <i class="fa fa-user"></i>
  <p class="dexp-box-subtitle">Subtitle</p>
  <h3 class="dexp-box-title">Titlte</h3>
  <div class="dexp-box-content">Box content</div>


title: is title of box.

subtitle: is sub title of box.

icon: can be FontAwesome class such as "fa fa-home" or any font which theme support.

image: is path to image.

align: set text-align for box as left or right or center.

background: set background for box icon is yes or no.

class: is a classes which you want to add to box wrapper. Classes split by space.

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