Drupalexp Block Settings

The Drupalexp Block module allows any block in the system to utilise color background and animate the content using CSS3 animations

Block Animation

  • Appears animate: effect when show block content. It can be: fadeIn, fadeOut, SlideInLeft, SlideInRight...
  • Background image: choose a image to set background for block
  • Background image type: it can be Default or Parallax. When choosing parralax, the image background will appear with parallax effect.

Block Custom Style
  • Text align: alignment block content, it can be left, right or center
  • Padding: set padding content in block
  • Margin: set margin block with other elements
  • Custom block content class: you can define owner class to customize your block

Responsive Settings

This setting provides the ability to visibility block belong to devices. (different size)

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