Column layout

With the column layout shortcodes you can now break down your content into any number of advanced layouts giving variety and hierarchy. We can create column layout quickly by using shortcode with syntax as below:

[column cols="NUM_OF_COLS" begin="0-OR-1" end="0-OR-1"]CONTENT HERE [/column]
  • begin = "1" indicates that it is the first column layout,
  • end = "1" indicates that it is the last column layout


  • Shortcode of 2 columns (width = 1/2):
[column cols="6" begin="1"]CONTENT HERE [/column]
[column cols="6" end="1"]CONTENT HERE [/column]
  • Shortcode of 3 columns (width = 1/3):
[column cols="4" begin="1"]CONTENT HERE [/column]
[column cols="4"]CONTENT HERE [/column]
[column cols="4" end="1"]CONTENT HERE [/column]
  • Shortcode of 4 columns (width = 1/4):
[column cols="3" begin="1"]CONTENT HERE [/column]
[column cols="3"]CONTENT HERE [/column]
[column cols="3"]CONTENT HERE [/column]
[column cols="3" end="1"]CONTENT HERE [/column]
  • Shortcode of 2 columns (width = 1/4 and 3/4):
[column cols="3" begin="1"]CONTENT HERE [/column]
[column cols="9" end="1"]CONTENT HERE [/column]

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