Social icon shortcode as below

[social link="#" class="" icon="fa fa-twitter" tooltip="Text"][/social]


  • lsocial-circle, social-simple, social-bg, social-bordered, social-dark, social-bg-color, social-rounded, social-gray
  • Social Class: social-twitter, social-twitter, social-linkedin, social-google, social-dribbble, social-skype, social-behance, social-deviantart, social-tumblr, social-rss, social-vimeo, social-pinterest, social-flickr, social-youtube, social-youtube, social-instagram, social-apple
  • social-larger


[social icon ='fa fa-facebook' class='' link='#'][/social]
[social icon ='fa fa-google-plus' class='' link='#'][/social]
[social icon ='fa fa-twitter' class='' link='#'][/social]

You can reference to link to view how shortcode display

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