Menu configuration

Follow the URL to manage menu at header.

  • Click on Add link to add a new menu item
  • Uncheck on Enable column to disable a menu item
  • Click on Edit link to modify a menu item

Note: If you want to see an icon to a menu item, put Font Awesome 4.x into Link icon textbox when you creating or editing a menu item.

1. Build DrupalExp dropdown menu

In the block setting page, edit "DrupalExp Dropdown Menu [n]" then select the menu block to build the dropdown menu.

2. Build DrupalExp Mega Menu

Zap theme supports you to build mega menu very easy and flexible.

  • Create mega menu container

Create new menu link with path <contianer>/[WIDTH]. *WIDTH: Width of container

  • Create mega menu row

Create new menu link with path <row>

  • Create mega menu column

Create new menu link with path <col>/[Column]. Column: bootsrap grid columns, possible value is from 1 to 12

Now you can drop all menu items as child of [col] menu item. You can see completed mega menu as below.

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