Other Settings

The Other setting under Basic tab allow you setting the layout, direction, set Google Analytic code and Custom background site at here.

1. Page Width (container size)

You can define the container width from theme settings page.

2. Enable SmoothScroll

You can enable/disable the smooth scroll animation just by one click from theme settings page.

3. Boxed or Wide (Full width)

The layout style allows the site will be a boxed layout centred in the browser or wide (full width). The wide is default layout site.

4. Direction of site

The direction allows the theme to display with different reading style. LTR refers to 'left to right' reading while RTL refers to 'right to left'.

5. Google Analytics

Add your GA code to tracking your site quickly. Just paste your code without script tag here.

6. Customize HTML class

Provides this text as an additional body class (in $classes in html.tpl.php) when this section is active.

Zap theme support 10 background images with class from bg1->bg10. You can see how background show in Quick setting demo site

  • bg1
  • bg2
  • bg3
  • bg4
  • bg5
  • bg6
  • bg7
  • bg8
  • bg9
  • bg10

You just put one in classes above into Custom HTML classes text field

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