Gooogle Map

You can create a Google Map very easy by using shortcode below:

[maps zoom="14" type="color|standard" height="400px"]
[marker image="IMAGE 01" title ="TITLE 01" link="#" phone="PHONE 01" latitude="LAT 01" longitude="LONG 01"]ADDRESS 01[/marker]
[marker image="IMAGE 02" title ="TITLE 02" link="#" phone="PHONE 02" latitude="LAT 02" longitude="LONG 02"]ADDRESS 02[/marker]

In Zap theme, maps shortcode supports multiple markers so you can build your map with single maker or multi markers very easy.


[maps zoom="14" type="color" height="400px"]
[marker image="" title ="OFFICE 01" link="" phone="+90 555 666 77 88" latitude="-37.805575" longitude="145.082397"]167 Balwyn Rd, Balwyn VIC 3103, Australia[/marker]
[marker image="" title ="OFFICE 02" link="" phone="+90 555 666 77 88" latitude="-37.809255" longitude="145.091314"]73 Yarrbat Ave, Balwyn VIC 3103, Australia[/marker]

You can reference to link to view how shortcode display

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