You can create beautiful buttons on the fly using the button shortcode. Choose between various colors, styles and sizes. We can create s button by using shortcode with syntax as below:

[button size='lg|md|sm|xs' type='link|button' icon='fa fa-edit' link='#' class='']Bottun Label[/button]

SIZE property can be one of values:

  • Large
  • Small
  • Mini

Button with color background: bg-color, bg-purple, bg-blue, bg-blue-2, bg-green, bg-sea, bg-orange, bg-red, bg-red-2, bg-yellow, bg-dark, bg-dark-gray, bg-gray-2, bg-light-gray, bg-tael, bg-pink, bg-color

Button with color border: btn-border-gray, btn-border-dark

Button with icon: btn-icon: To add border radius for button, you can use br1 to br10 classes

You can reference to link to view how shortcode display

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